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Buying a house is most often the largest and most important investment that an individual will make during his or her lifetime. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of picking one that is outside of their budget. In other situations, a sudden change in a financial situation can make paying for the house very difficult.


Difficulties with a mortgage can result in a lot of stress and even the loss of your home. You need to know when it is time to turn to a professional for help with your mortgage and how you can go about getting mortgage help to secure your future. 


When to Get Help

You can get help as soon as when you start to fall behind on your payments or as late as when you are threatened with a foreclosure. It is best to get help as early as possible, because you will have more options to restructure your mortgage or to figure out the right solution.


If you fall behind on one payment and you know you'll be able to catch up the next month, you can feel comfortable without getting help. If you are starting to fall behind on your payments regularly and don't see how you can catch up, it is probably time to get help.


It can help to understand your mortgage and know if your payments will change in the future. They may go up or down in the near future, which can impact your decision to get help or not. You can also get a cmhc premium calculator to be more informed. 


How to Get Help

If you need mortgage help, it's best to go to a professional who specializes in this sort of assistance. Such a person understands how all mortgages work and can look at your financial situation, compare it to your mortgage, and discuss your best options with you. Some solutions are more extreme than others to help people who are closer to foreclosure. Some of the popular solutions include the following:


o Repayment Plan: This is a great option if you have missed only a few payments. You can work something out with the loan officer to allow you to pay back what you owe over a period of time by adding a small extra amount to each upcoming payment. 


o Reinstatement: This is also a great option if you owe a relatively small amount. You can talk to your loan officer about paying back the loan by a certain amount of time. You choose a date that you will have the payment to them. 


The above is an overview of when and how you can get help with a mortgage. Get in touch with the best mortgage broker Toronto has to offer for you to find the assistance that you need. 


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